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Cooking Contest

Why Foodie Nigeria

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Our Mission
To discover, improve and reward the best cooking talents in Nigeria, by giving them a platform to unleash their latent ability and making cooking to be a hobby.
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Our Aim
Assist the students and youths at large to discover the presumed hidden treasure (cooking skills) and inspire them towards the acquisition of self-efficacy.
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Our Objective
Build a healthy family by encouraging homemade food, improve their contemporary cooking skills and emotional intelligence competencies to keep them ahead of peers by adapting spirit of healthy rivalry. .
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Promote Healthy Eating
Foodie Nigeria event will provide a platform to sensitize students on healthy cooking & eating habit.
Youth Orientation
Orientate Youths
Foodie Nigeria event will provide platform to orientate students.
Youth Engagement
Youth Engagement
This event will engage the students/youths on homemade foods across campuses in Nigeria.


Register now and stand a chance of winning up to N3,000,000.00 in gifts and price money.